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For more than twenty years of experience in helping people plan their wedding, Hizon’s Catering has been lucky to be part of every client’s most important day. It is an opportunity both challenging and rewarding. An average of 1,588 weddings per year gave us a playground for ideas and an open door for learning new things about this industry that we love.


Mikes and Lovely, Winners of Win-A-Wedding (7th ed.)

Mikes and Lovely owe a social media site and a friend for weaving the strings that drew them together. Seeing a picture of Lovely by their common friend’s account, Mikes’ heart was immediately captivated. “It took me a whole week …


Mhel and Merc, Winners of Win-A-Wedding (6th ed.)

“As we grow older together, as we continue to change with age, there is one thing that will never change  … I will always keep falling in love with you…” – Anonymous Mhel and Merc’s first steps toward the path …