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Etiquette Guidelines for Social Media Use – Wedding Edition

We come to love stories we find online. We want to know the latest updates from people we are connected with. More than anything, we want to talk about these things. That’s the reason why sharing our stories through social …


Ever Been to a Bridal Fair? Here’s Why You Must Attend One

Bridal fairs are BIG in the Philippines right now. In 2014, there were about 38 wedding events while, in 2015, there are 14 events between January and February. There are many reasons it is a must to attend a bridal …


Why Food Tastings Are Important

For today’s engaged couples, it shouldn’t be a toss between whether to attend or not to attend a food tasting. On any wedding, food consumes the biggest expense, so attending a food tasting is an absolute must. No food catering …